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Title: Where Will You Be Christmas Day?
Label: Dust-to-Digital
Street Date: October 2004


Probably the best and strangest Christmas album you'll hear all year... ambitious, handsomely designed ... [New York Times]

Put together by the legendary musicologist Dick Spottswood, it's not unlikely that some of [Christian] Marclay's collection might appear here. [The Wire]

Dust-to-Digital is back with something great for the madness ahead. Based on Dick Spottswood's popular radio show in Washington, D.C., the cd is beautifully presented with inlays and is chock full of rare Christmas influenced tunes. [boomkat]

This is the last project brought to market from the World of anArchie.. Lance Ledbetter and Dick Spottswood at the Dust-to-Digital label here in Atlanta have begun a Holiday Series that they are curating from Spottswood's endless collection of pre-war records. This is the first in the series. The next issue will be for Mother's Day.

The idea was to create a Christmas gift: a gift from D-to-D to music lovers and a gift that could be sent from the buyer to his or her loved one. We incorporated a greeting card theme as the overall concept -- with small gifts included inside the wallet.

The inside of the wallet was supposed to seem like a sheet of wrapping paper, with all of the artists represented either by their portrait or an icon of the song or artist if a photo wasn't available.

The inserts include a 16 page booklet (left) and a postcard suitable for mailing, which includes art from the original Vocalion records ad for "Christmas in Jail -- Ain't That A Pain".


Personal Notes: I have to thank Potsy Duncan for her invaluable assistance illustrating the wrapping paper centerfold. I could not have pulled this job off without her.


For more information: Dust-Digital, The Dick Spottswood Show